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Link Penalty And Removal In GIF Form

Cause you followed  @ChrisLDyson and studied The Link Building Process in GIF Form and you thought you would be building links like


You got one thing right reading


But results weren’t going the way you wanted and it always seemed like someone was doing a little better


So you had an idea


And you went a little


And found some sites, some blog networks and a few others and just said


and got a shit load of links and


Overnight you saw success and you were all


And you thought that your

Because you don’t

And the rankings are flying up and the client is all


And then you get that email from Google and you’re all


And you realise he is here

he has given you the


And you realise that


And he is watching


As you watch the rankings for the clients site



So now you feel like



And your all



And then you realise



But you don’t get



You just



Because you don’t want the client to be all



So you get to work all creative like



And you


All your old links and your all



But then you see the rankings go



And your all like



And you realised you missed some and your like



So you get back on it like



Going after new good links like



But you don’t want any more



You hit the outreach like



And start to get a bit of success and your all like



Because your new process isn’t like



And you think



Why didn’t we do that before because now you have a little bit of



And realise you never want to be like





You buy cheap you buy twice.

Do it right the first time and save yourself a whole lot of hassle.

If you try and play a game and you don’t control the rules, you will never win!


Barrie (13 Posts)

Barrie Moran writes about whatever he feels like. This feels weird talking in the 3rd, so I plead the 5th! YOLO!

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  2. Star Padilla says:

    Damn good story telling via gifs. Love it!

  3. This is THE most hilarious thing I have seen in forever. Dying…..

  4. billslawski says:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. Great message.

  5. Steve Peron says:

    Made more morning! Totally going to use some animated gifs in my next post.


  6. Ann Smarty says:

    Thanks for this. Morning laugh is great!

  7. Yogendra Chavda says:

    That was awesome Barrie.. If you make video by using all these GIFs, that video will surely get LOADS of likes for sure 🙂

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  10. IrishWonder says:

    Mwahaha and then you get asked so what is this bloody inbound outreach and go all like


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  12. gregory smith says:

    Killer post and a huge laugh lol

  13. Doc Sheldon says:

    Good stuff, Barrie! Loved it!

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  16. Brandon Honeycutt says:

    I thought this was awesome…then I saw ‘YOLO’…thumbs up anyway for making me laugh.

  17. HAHAHAHA, that is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  18. Spook SEO says:

    Hello Barrie,

    I admire your creativity in this post. I totally agree with you. A lot of SEO suffered a lot from this bad linking technique when Google unleashed the algorithm updates. Actually, I also experienced it but fortunately, it was all my unproductive sites. Everybody learned for this. If you never follow the rules, you have nowhere else to go but failure.

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