Moz didn't just drop SEO, they dropped links too!

Even the “best” can get it wrong!

  • Ever feel like you might get things wrong when you change your site?
  • Stay awake worrying about a site migration?
  • Have you nailed your process for protecting all the links you have?
  • Well don’t worry because even some of the most notable people in the industry get things wrong every now and then.

    Good old SEOMoz became Moz this year and to quote Rand

    “Calling ourselves “SEO”moz is no longer transparent and authentic. With products like Fresh Web Explorer,FollowerWonk, GetListed, and the beta of Moz Analytics (alongside the vast array of non-SEO content we publish), we’re no longer purely an SEO software company. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous, and that violates our core values.”

    But they still do SEO.

    Anyway they have / had a page which even on the 17th June was Ok after the rebrand.


    As we can see the old URL has a 301 redirect on it.


    But the new URL , Roger this is where you say Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Is kicking back a 404, Oh no……


    And let’s use another one of their tools, the open site explorer (


    Look at all that lost link juice, 114 lovely links going to waste.

    Ok in the grand scheme of things 114 links to Moz is noting, but still ladies and gentlemen, best practice and all!

    Oh wait maybe those links were no good and that’s why they didn’t want them? Is there a link clean-up process going on over at Moz?

    Well, I don’t really have time to investigate that one just now, so if someone else wants to take up the mantle I will leave that to them!

    For now, all I can say people is rest easy, if the great mighty Moz can accidentally (or deliberately) loose some link juice, then it can happen to the best 😉

    Update – 6th August 2013 and the Link has been fixed, must just have been a mistake and Roger Ramjet is all sorted.

    I wrote a blog post to help Moz and I got nothing, not even a lousy tweet 😉


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    1. Doc Sheldon on 19th December 2013 at 9:35 pm


      There! Ya happy now?

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